Floor Protection

Floor कवच’ is a new generation, cost effective product for floor protection. It is a closed cell, polymer based micro cellular foam, reinforced with high performance polymers. ‘Floor कवच’ is an economical alternative to conventional products like paper, POP, cloth etc. The product provides cushioned universal floor protection for wood, ceramic and vinyl floors during construction.

It is common knowledge that elastomeric products are an excellent cushion provider. ‘Floor कवच’ is composed of thousands of cells trapped in the foam, with the reinforcement of a high performance polymer which helps to resist all types of pressure imparted.

High performance foam also acts as sound barrier and is a good sound absorbent material.


Features :

  • Anti-slip properties provide a safe work environment
  • Hassle-free compared to POP, rosin paper, plastic runners or drop cloths
  • Does not absorbs paint, oil, grease and cleaning agents
  • Flexible – can be cut to fit in any space and works well on either side – vacuum or sweep clean and reusable
  • Polymer based and flexible yet tough
  • Environment friendly
  • Does not promote growth of bacteria & fungi
  • Inert – No effect of chemicals

Applications : 

  • Keep job site floors safe from damage and debris. ‘Floor कवच’ is reusable, reversible surface protection for the professional builder and craftsman
  • Protects concrete, marble, granite and other counter surfaces
  • Provides cushioned universal floor protection for wood, ceramic, and vinyl floors during construction
  • Protects hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum and carpet floors from damage during construction or remodeling
  • Protects sinks and tubs during building or remodeling


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